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Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness.

Riding is great exercise not just for the horse but for you too! It improves your muscle strength and flexibility; it improves your balance and coordination; it provides a good cardiovascular workout and burns calories at a rate similar to other high activity sports like swimming and jogging. Riding provides a way to actually enjoy exercising.
Strengthen Your Mind

Stretch Your Mind.

Riding is a thinking activity. It requires concentration and focus; problem solving and information processing. It encourages us to make decisions quickly and safely. It requires us to be able to communicate with our horse, our peers and our instructor. Riding requires us to think!
Social Interaction

Social Interaction.

Riding provides us with opportunities to meet new friends, to spend quality time with our families, to interact and get along with others who may be different, to communicate effectively, to respond to the needs of others, to participate in group activities and to appropriately compete with ourselves and others. Riding provides a positive social environment in the great outdoors.

Develop Your Character

Develop Your Character.

Riding teaches dependability, accountability, self-discipline, responsibility, perseverance, courage, confidence, patience, kindness, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Riding helps us to develop a good outlook by providing a positive environment where we can feel good about our accomplishments and ourselves.